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“India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grandmother of tradition.” – Mark Twain

Art and culture of India have left several scholars and intellectuals spell bounded. Some of the ancient Indian artisans included sculptors, painters, weavers, metalworkers, jewelers, carpenters, stone workers and potters. These craftsmen were skilled and played an important role in the ancient community. India has preserved its culture through careful curation and encouragement of paintings, scriptures and art forms and the credit of passing the culture from one generation to another goes to poets, artisans, craftsmen and to all those former kings who had great artistic sense and encouraged their craftsmen to practice their art.

However, the ages of kings and emperors are long gone. Only the craftsmen and artisans are left behind to protect the rich art forms that India had nurtured from time immemorial. The Indian Handicraft Industry generates one of the largest employment with each state nurturing its own craft practice influenced by its geography and traditions.

Although, Indian handicrafts have gained international recognition and have huge demand globally the craftsmen and artists lead an unfortunate life and are exploring other means of livelihood.

Urumy Aims

To provide an online platform for all the small and thriving artisans to reach out to the customers directly. Creates a greater awareness of the rich local arts of each and every state of India and bring out the exclusive and rarely accessible products. A platform to brings art lovers in direct contact with artisans across the country thereby creating easy accessibility of handmade products at most affordable price.

Generate a sense of appreciation for our Traditional Indian Arts. These products are ancient, revised traditional and fashionable. Handicraft is deeply frozen in society and contributes to preserving and sending traditions. Crafters transfer an area of their cultural heritage into ideas, forms, materials and work ways, along with their own values, philosophy of life, fashion and self-image.